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Hey, it's Ben and the SociVideo Jukebox team here one last time and thanks again for securing your SociVideo Jukebox license. 

We both know there's been other social post applications launched out there and major competition... 

so, my mission for the next several months is to brand SociVideo Jukebox as THE essential autoposting solution help compete in the billion dollar social media playing field against guys like Buffer or Hootsuite. 

But, to do that I need the help of just a handful of SociVideo Jukebox owners... 

...which is why I want to let you in on an exclusive and rare opportunity that can set you up with a 6 figure income fast. 

But first, listen closely...

Right now you have a significant advantage in the crowded marketspace of organic social media marketing tools. 

There's tons of 'offline' based businesses who want to take advantage of Facebook and Twitter but don't want to put in the work... 

and an overwhelming amount of marketers who have to rely on posting solutions like Hootsuite for their success 

that are all desperate to get their hands on a more modern scheduling and posting solution like SocialVideo Jukebox (just like YOU did). 

So, to reach new customers faster and brand SociVideo Jukebox as the most used and trusted autopost solution… 

I'm allowing a handful of SociVideo Jukebox buyers only the exclusive resellers license to sell the software for themselves and pocket 100% of the profit. 


SociVideo Jukebox Resellers Edition 

We've worked super hard to make this the organic traffic tool for Facebook and Twitter today... 

And today we want you to be able to help us spread the word about it and keep 100% of the profits to anyone you sell it to... offline OR online. 

You help us get SociVideo Jukebox installed on as many computers as possible... 

and as a reward you get 100% profit of the sale at any price point you choose.

You Choose the Price Point and Pocket ALL the Profit... We'll Do all the Rest

With the SociVideo Jukebox Resellers License you're getting: 

  •  Ability to sell unlimited copies of the Commercial Edition of SociVideo Jukebox anyway you wish 
  • Ability to set the price to any you wish
  • The rights to all our marketing materials to use as your very own including DFY swipes, salesletter, video, and more. 
  • The rights to bundle it into one of your own marketing services if you want
  • Special Membership Plugin bonus to set up your membership to deliver the software 
  • Special Resellers training recorded webinar video to help you actually get the clients fast 

This is a golden opportunity for anyone looking to make a quick $500-600 per week selling quality, in-demand software. 

And if your customers have any questions you can't answer our customer support desk is here ready for you to outsource your questions to! 


Selling the actual software as a SaaS service for only $97 a month can stack up fast... all you need is a few clients:

Selling your own software product is the fastest way to a 6 figure income I know of. 

In fact, check out the numbers I've done with my own software launches and reseller apps I've aquired:

This is the fastest way to make sales and build a significant list of buyers. 

As long as your software is unique and solves a real problem, you can make sales from it fast. 

But, instead of spending $42,092 and 8 months into developing a software from scratch like we had to do, you can start with a proven product already done for you. 

And it's the Easiest Sale You'll Make!

Step 1: Do a Facebook keyword search for any niche topic. 

Then, check out pages that come up. Find some that seem to be posting once a day, but don't have much engagement or traffic. (There's a lot of these) 

Step 2. Send a friendly, non-hype email or messenger text. 

Send them to the sales video or free piece of content showing them how SociVideo Jukebox can actually help them get more traffic. 

Step 3. Once you've established communication, close the deal and lead them to the sales page.  

You can even use our high-converting sales videos, sales graphics, and more to help educate them, then close the sale. 

You can make serious money just from that little easy-peasy method I described... so just imagine if you did your own product launch with this or ads campaign? 

Plus, you'll get these special bonuses to guarantee at least one sale:  

BONUS #1. Resellers Training $397 Value

With this special bonus training, you're going to learn our special 'whisker and cheese' strategy to getting high paying clients to buy your products or services.  

You'll learn exactly where to find, how to approach, and what to say to businesses who hate 'soliciters', by pass their 'gatekeepers' and sell your software to the fast. 

Basically by the end of this training, you'l know exaclty what to do next to start landing businesses who'll pay a lot for your Multistore Builder services.

BONUS #2. Membership Software $97 value

Use this to quickly set up a secure membership site to deliver your Mulitstore Builder software to your clients. 

Help close the sale and keep them as a reoccuring paying client with a slick and easy to use secure membership software 

But, You Need to Act ASAP

There are thousands of marketers and businesses dying for this solution. 

But unfortunely, we can't let everyone tap into this reseller opportunity or we'd simply make no money. 

If you're seeing this page, congrats, because you're still one of the first handful of buyers still able to get access to the resellers opportunity. 

But, chances are if you come back to this page... the price would have gone up or SociVIdeo Jukebox Resellers Edition will be gone for good.  

Oh and one last thing...

Not only are you getting a 100% done for you 6 figure 'biz-in-a-box' solution today... but we're taking on ALL the risk. 

For some reason during the next 60 days you're not happy or don't want to sell SociVideo Jukebox anymore... just let us know and we'll refund you 100%. 

So, go ahead now, and secure you're special access to Multistore Builder Reseller Edition now: 

Offer Expires In: 


50 KEY LICENSE: (Sell only 50 times)

SociVideo Jukebox Resellers 50

(Most popular) UNLIMITED KEY LICENSE: (Sell as many copies as you please)

SociVideo Jukebox Resellers


Q: So, what exactly am I getting with the Resellers License?

A: You'll get the ability to sell unlimited copies of SociVideo Jukebox and any price you choose (just can't be for free) if you get the unlimited key version. You'll also get our bonus reseller training to guarnatee success, access to all our graphics, VSLs, swipes etc., and access to our support desk to outsource any questions you can't answer. 

Q: : Can I Give SociVideo Jukebox away for free?

A: No, it has to be a paid sale, you can choose the price point. You also can't give this away as a bonus for an affiliate promotion. 

 Q: When Can I Start Earning Money Reselling SociVideo Jukebox?

A: You can start reselling it starting May 25 th 2017. 

Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and it's potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, and don't apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is aninherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money. 

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